Monday, October 18, 2010

Better and Worse

I was feeling better tonight, and tried a few more things tonight at karate, getting the right knee to bend a bit. However when I started to squat, I realized that I pushed a touch too far. So I’m healing, but still a ways to go.

The ankle felt better, I worked the boxing hard, and had a nice sweat.

We also took Kendall to the podiatrist today. She has a couple bumps on one foot and we weren’t sure if there was something wrong. The doctor said that two on the inside are likely just a little tendonitis or soreness from compensating from the one on the outside. That one he thinks is likely a bit of bursitis and recommended some new shoes and orthotics that will hopefully just correct it. Glad it was nothing big to worry about.

So Kendall got new shoes tonight, and she was very happy.

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