Friday, October 22, 2010

King Tut

Another school field trip, this one with Delaney for middle school. They’ve been studying Egypt in social studies, so they had a trip planned to the Denver Art Museum to view the King Tutankhamen exhibit. I had told Delaney I’d go about 3 weeks ago, and evidently I was a chaperone since he came back last night and told me I needed to ride the bus with him. I wasn’t thrilled with that, but I warned both he and Kendall that they’d need to be independent this morning.

So after waking up Delaney, I headed out at 6:15 to start feeding horses. Fortunately they were all there today, and I ran out two wheelbarrows before coming back to the house and getting Delaney to the bus. Then is was waking up Kendall, making sure she was getting dressed and then headed out to toss another load. Kendall was good and ready to go when I got back.

I checked email briefly and then took Kendall to school before heading to the middle school. I wasn’t sure what I’d find, and I semi-regretted agreeing to this. The whole 7th grade, about 200 kids, were going. We filled 4 buses and we had loud middle school kids chatting away and making for a long ride. Delaney didn’t even sit with me, preferring his friends.

The museum was a lot of standing around, and then a race through the exhibit. They kept us moving since there were so many kids, and we didn’t get much time to see things. Two of the 4 I had also were trying to race through, not very interested in reading about any of the exhibits. Delaney tried to slow them a bit so he could read things, and we compromised, but it still felt fast. I think we stood around waiting to get in for more time than we were in the gallery.

It’s an interesting exhibit and amazing to see how many pharaohs Egypt had in the various dynasties. Lots of them, and the boy king was just one. Delaney said he liked it as we ate lunch in Civic Center Park downtown. Then it was a long ride home. Delaney sat with me this time, but read the whole way back.

Glad to be with Delaney, but that was a long day and jammed me up. Tomorrow is going to be a work day for me.

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