Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Daughter Is Amazing

I went to Kendall’s room yesterday to ask her if she was doing homework. She told me she was writing a letter and then she’d read. A few minutes later she showed up in my room with a letter in an ASCPA envelope and her book to read.

We had gotten another ASPCA fundraiser letter the other day and Kendall grabbed it, going to her room to get some money and send it off. A month or so ago she scraped together $1.86 to send off. This time she took her whole weekly allowance, $5, and put it with her letter in an envelope. The image is here, and it’s amazing.


Here’s the text, misspellings and all:

October 11, 2010


Hi ASPCA my name is Kendall. I am Atieh’s daughter. I love anomals. I donat the money. Useing my allowencse. I can give you money. I have 17 animals. My mom owns and boards nine horses. It is 6:53 and foud are standing out my window. They are Jeminie, Tina, Reo, and Zarha. The other hoses are Starlit, Yureecka, Eemler, Cowboy, and Tain. I have three dogs. Deuce, Oscer, and Kolhy. Three cars, Jewle, Nero, and the house cat, Milky Way. Jewle and Nero are barn cats. Two guine pigs, Tiffiny and Trixy. OK all my animals done. Now time to learn about me. I love animals more than anything. My favorite animal is the wolf. My favorite domestic animal is the German Sheperd. I love htem because they were bred with wolfs. So next time you ship to my mom, write a letter about yourself. Thank you!

Your New Friend,

Kendall Jones

She is really amazing, and I helped her get this in the mail yesterday. We’ll see if she gets a response.

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