Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Rice Cooker - Orange Chicken

I broke down and bought a rice cooker last week. I had one years ago and loved it. I got one about two years ago and Kyle left the pot somewhere on one of his cooking adventures, so I decided to replace it.

I almost grabbed one the other day from Kohls, but decided to make sure I got a good one. I researched a bit and settled on a Panasonic SR-DE102 Fuzzy-Logic 5-Cup Electronic Rice Cooker/Warmer,White from Amazon. It arrived just as I was leaving town, so I didn’t use it until I got back, but immediately made a pot of brown rice that came out perfect.

Tia went shopping Sun, but I forgot to ask for some stuff for rice dishes. She came home with chicken, but not much else I could use, so I went last night with the little kids and got an Orange Chicken sauce mix from Panda and some peppers and onions. I sautéed those today with a little oil, added the sauce to simmer for a few minutes and I had a great lunch dish. Tia liked it over brown rice.

The rice? I rinsed a little brown rice this morning while I was having coffee for a few minutes. Then I measured the water, dropped it in the rice cooker, hit a few buttons, and it made perfect, hot brown rice that was ready at 1pm when I was.

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