Monday, November 1, 2010

Quiet Halloween

I asked Delaney yesterday what he wanted to do last night and what kind of costume we ought to work on. He said that he wasn’t that interested in trick-or-treating and would just walk or hang out with Tia and I. That was kind of a shock, but not a lot. Delaney’s growing up and less interested in some of the kid stuff. My only worry was that Kendall wouldn’t want to go alone.

Fortunately Kendall had a sleepover Sat night with a friend and then ended up going over to her friend’s house and trick or treating with them. She had a great time while Tia, Delaney, and I hit the grocery store to stock up on things for the week. I leave tomorrow for Las Vegas, and so I wanted to leave Tia in good shape for the kids.

At one point we asked Delaney if we needed chili and he said he was OK. When I reminded him that Mom doesn’t necessarily want to deal with stuff that isn’t ready to eat or easily heated in the microwave he grabbed 5 or 6 cans. We had a good laugh over that. Tia can cook, and will make some things for the kids, but she doesn’t like it. I understand as there are other things I’m not big on.

We picked up Kendall, with a full plastic pumpkin of candy and she was happy. She had a great time and even brought me back some Nerds.

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