Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Class

Delaney officially passed the last two things for First Class Scout.

I’m very proud, and this was a big step towards Eagle. This was the rank with lots of requirements, lots of sign offs, and we’ve been struggling to knock things out for a year. Granted a busy year, but still it’s taken a lot longer than many of our scouts. Of course, many of those first class scouts are still stuck at that rank as well.

We were worried since Delaney didn’t have his Scoutmaster conference or Board of Review scheduled. He sent emails yesterday, but they came back today and said no promises since it wasn’t enough notice. However he managed to get things done, and he was announced as First Class during the meeting.

Along with the two merit badges he earned this past weekend (Citizenship in the World and Electricity), and two he’s earned in the last few months (truck transportation and carpentry), this will be a good Court of Honor for him in December.

It was cool to have him excited as well. He talked about his plans to move forward to Star scout and even made a few notes in his book on the way home. He’s growing up and that’s good to see.

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