Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Night in NYC

And for the most part I’m working. I got asked to actually do 4 things tomorrow:

  • early morning Wake-up session
  • Short keynote talk
  • My Modern Resume presentation
  • Red Gate demos at lunch

I had planned on spending part of this part week on my Wake Up talk, but got busy. In the past I’ve done a basic SQL Server presentation, and I have that, but I’ll have a few other things to talk about as well that I put together this afternoon and tonight.

I ended up working for a bit after my run, then wandered around town for about 30-45 minutes, looking at the sights near Times Square before stopping in a brewery bar for dinner. Then back to work again, trying to go over presentations and get them ready.

Now bed, and an early morning so I can enjoy the time tomorrow with people.

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