Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tractor Driver

Manure has been piling up in a couple corners as well as the lean to and we decided to try and clean things out today. It was a cool, and slightly windy day as I drove the tractor out. Delaney went to help, and first helped me get the doors back on the tractor. Then we went out and shoveled manure into the bucket from a corner and then spreading it in the field. I’d run the tractor backwards slowly while Delaney and Tia pulled the manure outside of the bucket with rakes. I was going really slow, and decided to see if Delaney wanted to try his hand at the tractor.

So I explained the controls and let him drive the tractor backwards while Tia and I shoveled. With the wind, I ended up with lots of dirt and manure in my face, and could taste it a little as well. Not exciting, but not horrible.

He did fine, so I let him also drive it forward and backward a little, only taking over when we needed to go close to fences or near poles. Not ready to let him go free, but nice that he’s gaining some skill with the tractor, and I can us him in places.

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