Friday, November 26, 2010

Book #73 – The 7th Victim

 41595947[1] A serial killer story, this one from a killer that is called “Dead Eyes” due to the postmortem mutilation, including stabbing the victims through the eyes.

The 7th Victim starts off with two scenes. First an FBI officer foils a bank robbery, saving other officers, but losing some as well. Then years later, having transferred to the behavioral Analysis Unit, using practical knowledge to try and catch killers, is involved in another bank robbery attempt. This time because she’s in the bank when a robber pulls a gun. She’s a tough lady, and these scenes set the stage for a hard driving women agent.

From there the book moves into the chase-the-killer stage, where Karen Vail, our FBI agent, pursues the clues, of which there are few. The killer continues killing, and it’s a mystery thriller. However there are twists.

Vail’s family isn’t what she expected, she deals with an ex-husband that manipulates her into assaulting him, getting suspended, and even then she doesn’t listen to her boss. She has a conflict with another member of the task force, and the book ends violently with quite a few people killed.

It’s a near story if you like this genre, with a great twist at the end.

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