Friday, November 26, 2010

Book #74 - Crush

40825506[1] The next book starring Karen Vail, right after The 7th Victim. In Crush the time is immediately after the last book, with Karen and Robby taking a vacation in Napa Valley to work on their new romance.

However in the opening scene they discover a body in a wine cellar at one of the vineyards. A woman killed, with mutilation, making Karen thing serial killer. She annoys the local detective, but learns there is another body, and soon finds a third, making this something that a task force should be formed for.

Vacation out the window, Robby annoyed, but this is what Vail lives for. She alternatively drives the investigation forward with another female DA investigator on the task force, while making herself a target and upsetting the local officials.

It’s a more fast paced book, though not as suspenseful as the previous one. Still a good read on vacation.

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