Saturday, November 6, 2010

Back on the road

Only for a couple days, but it felt like I was barely at home. I got home around 1:30 yesterday, then left for the airport at 1:45 today. Sitting in the hotel in Seattle now, and about to call it a day as I’m a bit worn out.

It was almost surreal, coming home yesterday, working for a couple hours, then getting kids from the bus. I had a bit of a quite afternoon, going out to try and fix fence. Kendall walked with me and we worked in the South pasture, trying to fix some of the vinyl wire. We got a few things done, but there’s more to do.

Then we had a date night. Tia and Delaney went their own way, heading to a movie, so Kendall and I went to trade in her skis. She needs new boots and skis, so we did that before heading to Dave and Busters. That was what she wanted to do, so we went.

On the way over, Kendall told me about the dream story she had. We lived in some wildlife preserve, our land adjacent to the national park. Delaney and I hunted, and apparently my cooking skills and Tia’s were switched (Kendall’s words) since Tia did the cooking.

Kendall loved animals, and if she looked right at an animal looking at her, it would like her and she could work with it. She found some wolves, and named them after street signs we saw as we were driving. She had this whole adventure about training the wolves, and how I was worried, but the animals loved her.

We played some games, won some tickets, and had a good time before heading home. Today we had a quiet day inside, moving slow and hanging out this morning before Delaney and I had a run at lunch. Then I packed and before I knew it I was back at the airport and heading to Seattle.

Planning on working, and I did a little, but I’m wiped. My head doesn’t want to think about computers, or careers, and I’m about to call it a night and try to get up early and hit it tomorrow.

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