Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hot Coffee on a Col Day

With Tia out of town, it was a little quiet at the house. So in the afternoon I went out to lunch with my laptop in hand. I wanted to get a little time with white noise, people around, and get some writing done. I had a nice BBQ lunch, reading and researching a few things, and when I came outside, it was rather chilly. Another cold front moving in, so I decided to head over the Barnes and Noble for some coffee.

Grabbing a large latte, I sat down, read through a few links I’d saved, and then started writing. I sat at a table trying to finish a piece I’d started a few weeks ago, the coffee warming me up as I pecked along. It was as done as it was going to get today, so I knocked off that one and started to read another article I’d saved.

I had brought my tablet, which was nice, and so I folded it flat, flipped it to portrait mode, and then headed to comfortable armchair to finish reading and enjoying the last bit of my coffee. I finished and decided to make a few notes, outline an editorial on the tablet. I tried typing on the touch screen, but it was bad. Not as bad as the Android tablet I tried the other day, but worlds slower than my iPhone, and an iPad. I really am getting tempted to get one.

So I then opened it up, wrote most of an editorial that will need some polishing, but it’s mostly done. A good afternoon.

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