Monday, May 25, 2015

Yard Day

We finally had sun today. A nice day, not too warm, and so I got outside to cut some grass. Delaney agreed to do some, and we tried to get the riding mower to start, but it wouldn’t.

So we got the tractor out and I let him go. He did well, and got quite a bit cut, spending hours out there in the yard.

Photo May 25, 2 57 00 PM

I worked on the front and dog area, using the push mower and getting quite a bit done. Not as slow as I thought, and the yard looks much better. It’s been a jungle, and I had to use the highest settings on the mower. It will need cutting again later this week at a lower setting, but hopefully the riding mower works by then.

Photo May 25, 2 56 54 PM

I also cleaned the dog yard, picked up some cuttings, and tried to remove all the dirt from the garage and front cement. It’s baked itself onto the cement after snow and this was the first time I got a shovel out and scraped the ground.

A productive day and glad I spent time out there as it was raining later in the day.



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