Friday, May 8, 2015

1000 Jacks

A somewhat busy day at work, and with Tia getting home late, I was on my own at the gym. Kendall had homework, so I packed up and was ready to go. As I walked outside and loaded my gym bag I realized I had a problem.

No dogs.

Grrrr. Quickly I grabbed the Suburban and drove down the road. Two dogs wandering at a neighbors and I managed to bring them home. Then I was racing to the gym, a bit worried I'd not get a spot in the No Limits Circuit class. They don't turn anyone away, but it sometimes gets crowded and I like to get a spot near a wall if I can.

I made it on time and when class opened, the girl running it said we were doing 1000 jumping jacks and 500 pushups. I was looking at the kettlebells, the bosa balls, the various equipment set up in stations and thought, how will we get to that?

Actually, we didn't. After a bit of warmup, everyone holding a straight bar (I had a 9lb), we were off, doing sets of 100 jacks and 50 pushups. With my elbow, I really had half pushups, and the class certainly doesn't stay together. I think I managed 95 half pushups through the first three sets.

Then we were outside. Jogging in a line down the road, a cool evening, each of us holding a bar. We jogged, but the last person in the line was supposed to run faster to the front. Repeat. I had a few stretches of getting to the front before we stopped about 3/4 mile from the gym. Then it was more jacks, and then some 100m sprints. We did lots more pushups on the way back, more running to the front of the line, and more jacks.

We ended up behind the gym, more sprints, and I was struggling to keep my bar up. Finally, the last 100 jacks in the room were hard, but I did them. Probably 350 half pushups, and I was beat.

Tired and sore this morning, but happy I made it to class and through it.

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