Thursday, May 28, 2015

Running with the Boys

Delaney’s in the beginning of summer cross country training. His coach has gotten more mature, and started 3 days a week practicing across the summer. We went Tuesday, but I had calls yesterday, so Delaney said we could do a long run last night.

Kyle joined us, and we walked up the driveway and then started up the road. I got left behind immediately.

My hamstring is still slightly tight and I’m afraid of hurting it. I’m pushing a little more each day, and this was the hardest I’d pushed in two weeks, but definitely not trying to find limits.
Tia came home as we were going and the boys stopped for a minute. I took advantage of that to pass them and grab a picture of me in front.

They passed me again and as I got near the 1mi point, I saw Kyle start walking and Delaney just keep going. He’s strong and it’s neat to see.
After Tuesday’s practice, he told me he could run slow with me. He said his 7:23 mile was slow. I’m not sure I could get close to that if I was healthy.
Looking forward to some running with the kids this summer. Even Kendall. She was running on the treadmill the other night, and I was pleased to see her motivated to get strong.

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