Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Saturday in the Rain and Snow

It's been raining for over a week. We had some reprieves. Not much last Saturday, which let me play baseball Sunday. I was sure Sat morning we'd be cancelled Sunday. Then Wednesday some sunny weather for a bit.

However it's been bad, Seattle bad. If it bothers me, then it certainly bothers Tia. She's been a bit down, despite a busy week. We had planned to go out trailer shopping today, and Tia thought about bailing, but we decided to head up north.

We stopped for Starbucks a few times for sustenance on the way.

Photo May 09, 3 27 28 PM

We looked at trailers, and then headed back, needing to be in Castle Rock around 4:30 for Tia's Mounted Patrol meeting/party. It was pouring rain on the way down, and a mess. A good East Coast drenching, but we made it OK. A little cold (42ish) but not too windy. However Tia was worried about her horses, so we planned on leaving early to get back and feed.

As we left, things turned to snow. We raced back to Parker to pick up some shavings and buckets to manage the new horses. I grabbed a picture at 7:00 in town

Photo May 09, 6 53 52 PM

We loaded up and drove home, seeing worse weather as we got closer to the ranch. This was 7:30 at home.

Photo May 09, 7 27 29 PM

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