Tuesday, May 5, 2015

AP Week

Yesterday Delaney had his first AP test of the year: Chemistry. He said he spent all weekend studying in his room and skipped a review Saturday since said the review book I'd gotten him was comprehensive. I didn't bother him about it since it's his test and his accomplishment. It was hard to leave him alone and not try to help in some way, but I have to stop and realize that it was my responsibility when I was 16-1, and it's his now.

He was a bit stressed and tired yesterday am as he'd been cramming all day Sunday for Chem. Afterwards he said things went well, but he was still beat from the effort and trying to motivate himself to move back to calculus. He looked tired this morning again, and somewhat resigned, but I bet he feels a lot better after the exam.

He asked for an early pickup after the exam at noon, which seems reasonable after going through two exams. I have no idea what happened when I took them, but I suspect I went through the rest of the school day in a daze after each of the 3 I took senior year.

Good luck to him and hope it goes well.

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