Wednesday, May 20, 2015

2015 Book #32 - A Dark Mind

darkmindThe third book in the Lizzy Gardner series, we have a killer going after couples in A Dark Mind. He's an organized, smart killer and quite a few of the killings aren't quite linked as he's changed his mode of operation.

The book jumps back in time, to earlier abductions and killings by the Lovebird killer. At the same time we are inside his head for brief periods, we have to deal with Lizzy and her challenges of running her business, which mostly revolves around a workman's comp claim in this book.

It's a good read, and reminds me of some of the earlier Stephanie Plum series where we have some side plot that's a bit humorous and silly, but relates to the main story near the end.

We have Lizzy's fiance, Jared, working the serial killer, and eventually realizing the cases are related. However that doesn't stop the action and even makes the story more interesting from outside, because we can see the connections long before the characters. It had me wondering how the story I could see would actually unfold. A good read.

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