Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Early Morning

I'm going to be tired tonight. Kendall has been struggling a bit to understand math. We hit the gym together and then were up late Sun night working on y=x^1/2 graphs with Kendall. I think I helped her understand how to calculate those out quickly and translate them. We'll see when she has her test.

Last night she had trig stuff, and was worried. I got back from the gym and we sat down to work through the sin(), cos(), and tan() stuff. We did some, but allergies are bothering her, so she decided to bail and get up early. She asked me to join her at 6am.

Not a lot earlier than I normally get up, but that 1/2 hour matters. However I got up and we worked through the problems, teaching her a few things. I think she started to get the hang of it, though it's boring, uninteresting work.

At least I made breakfast interesting

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