Monday, May 25, 2015

Daddy Daughter Morning

Kendall and I went to the gym last night, and had a good workout, but I asked if she’d want to hit a class today. She’s been wanting to, but our schedule has been a mess. She wanted to, but since it’s a holiday, only morning classes. We decided to try a 9:30 circuit class.

She was up and ready, and we headed out early. We go there, walking around a bit to warm up and then got ready. 10 rows of stations in the gym, and a fairly full class with 50+ people. We did almost a full circuit, 9 exercises before Kendall said her wrist was sore. She didn’t want to press, so we walked out.

We hit the cardio for a bit, getting some good elliptical time for me, and biking for her. Then she wanted to learn some basketball, so we went down for about 30-45 minutes and I worked with her, teaching her to shoot a bit and letting her practice. She picked up some things well and started to get lots of her shots near the rim.

A fun morning for the two of us.

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