Thursday, May 21, 2015

2015 - Book #33 - Almost Dead

almostdeadAfter reading the other four books, I got Almost Dead, excited to continue the story. This picks up weeks after the wedding day, with Jared in a coma and Lizzy living with her sister. She has to get out of there, with her brother in law fighting with her sister.

She decides to focus on work, and drives forward, but in a somewhat reckless way. Her two employees worry about her. Meanwhile, we have a killer that's taking revenge on former high school bullies almost two decades later. Since the killings are staged as accidents, which seems a bit outrageous, the police don't understand they're related. In fact, it takes Lizzy awhile to get there.

It was a sad beginning, with Jared gone and Lizzy struggling, but it grows into quite a story, including an ending I didn't expect.

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