Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Last Concert

At least the last for 11th grade. Delaney asked if I had a red shirt for him yesterday. I went out and got one during the day since I wanted him to look good. He did.

Photo May 12, 5 45 46 PM

I had him try it on after school and he came down like this.

Photo May 12, 5 46 39 PM

We were a touch late walking in and didn't seem him by the entrance. My video was a bit far away, which I didn't like, but thought he did well and loved the selection. They orchestra teacher experimented and worked them in small ensembles, 2-6 people, though this meant Delaney only got one song in.

The various musical groups (jazz, percussion, etc.) sound really good overall. The violins are still shaky, but I think that might be the hardest to learn. It was neat to have them do "Cole's Song" last night with jazz and have a singer come out.

Photo May 12, 8 06 20 PM

It was also cool to have the seniors lined up on stage and each announce their plans for the future. About 15-20 of them, and amazing that they all have plans. A few military, one aspiring golfer, but mostly college and mostly with some idea of their future.

Photo May 12, 8 05 42 PM

Another year down, and looking forward to seeing Delaney play next year. Still amazed that he's been in orchestra for 6 years and has improved so much.

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