Wednesday, May 13, 2015

2015 Book #31 - ®evolution

The ®evolution is coming in June as the official release, but as part of Amazon Prime, I get it a month early. It's a science fiction book and one that grabbed me from the beginning. A terrorist event at a large media convention in Las Vegas. Hundreds killed somehow, and as we follow one of the idealists along, she realizes her co-conspirators have been killed.

We then cut to Peter Bernhardt, genius biotechnologist and nano-engineer that's just sold his company. However nanobots are suspected in the attack and immediately he's under seige, being questioned by the government, and about to lose everything (Along with his wife). Fortunately a friend helps him get through it and introduces him to The Phoenix Club.

As you can guess, a shadowy group of rich people helping to control the US. He's shocked and eventually betrayed by them. The whole book is a series of thriller style betrayals, but most of them could be guessed by readers. It's not great plotting and drags on. There are three parts of the book, and each could probably be its own story here. They're together, but a bit long.

The story includes lots of science fiction, but starts to go too far at the end. It's a world similar to 2015, but more advanced in ways, however the leaps across the year or so in the book are a bit much for me. Even for the suspension of disbelief for the story, it starts to stretch the limits.

An exciting read, somewhat predictable, but most enjoyable.

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