Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Helpful Girl

It's been a crazy day so far. No school for anyone, everyone sleeping in, except me. I had an early call for work to talk about a presentation, and had to get up and move. I got up early, and went to get coffee and cream, since we were out of the latter. I returned, got set up, and started my call at 8.

It was a long call, going until nearly 10, however I had to interrupt a few times. Uma ran away as Tia was trying to get something done, so I had to pause, drive to the neighbors, and pick her up. Then I Was back on the call and Tia texted from the other neighbors. Could I bring her helmet up since she'd forgotten it.

I was trying to find a place to pause again as we were in a detailed discussion about some code and it was hard to stop. I was almost ready to just say let's break and then decided to text and see if Kendall was up. She was, so I asked her to take it up. I said she could drive the BMW, which she hadn't driven.

She agreed and when I looked outside, the truck was gone. I'd never explained how to work it, but she figured it out. She's driven the Prius to to the neighbors and back, so I wasn't too worried.

I met her coming back and wanted to see if she liked the truck. However she was tired after our late night movie and dinner and wasn't in a good mood. Sad smile

It's still nice that she's so helpful. Nice that all our kids are and we can trust them to do things like this, even at 14.

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