Monday, May 4, 2015

Game 2

We won again yesterday, playing a baseball game that I expected to be cancelled. It was looking like rain Fri and Sat, and I was sure we'd be rained out again, but we ended up with a nice day. Not much wind, warm, but not too hot, and a good field.

We were missing some people, but still had 12. I wonder if that will be an issue as we move through the season. I don't like lots of people, but I ended up getting the entire game at first again. Not sure I solidified things. I caught some balls, a few stretches, and caught a foul pop up. I chased deep to help the catcher on a foul that I wasn't sure he'd seen.

However I a low through on a dribbler from the pitcher caught the bottom of my glove when I snapped it a bit quick. I also was playing deep on a grounder to second, and was late getting to the bag. The second baseman through a bit behind me and I was off balance and couldn't handle it.


Still, plenty of other infield issues, so I didn't stand out. At the end of the day, a decent outing.

I skipped batting. The left elbow was bugging me and we had enough people that I didn't want to press. I slightly regretted it as a former teammate was pitching for the other side and he laid some in there. I would have liked to hit against him.

We were behind most of the game. Down 2-0, we tied it on an interference play that I didn't like. Guy steals third on a pickoff attempt to second. A bad throw past third into the other teams' bags. The umpire called it dead, like a ball in the dugout and gave the runner home. Not great. We then went down again. However we came back in an inning where the other team made quite a few mistakes. A few misplays in the outfield, a good hit from us and we were up 7-4.

With 4 minutes before 3 hours, the umpire called the game rather than start an inning. As we were packing up, 5 minutes later, he reversed himself and put us back on the field. We were only semi-into it as our batters went down 1-2-3, with halfhearted effort. Their three went down quickly as well and that was the game.

A fun outing. Looking forward to getting out there after a couple weeks off. The right arm was OK, though I do need to find time to throw and get some batting in.

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