Monday, May 18, 2015


A late night flight back from Seattle Saturday night had me crawling into bed around 11:45 at night. Tia was asleep and feeling sick, so I moved slow, and was quiet when I got up at 6:45 for baseball.

I was looking forward to the game, having not played for two weeks. I was feeling good, the left elbow doing well, though I decided not to bat at the beginning of the game. I wonder if that was good. Given the way the day turned out, probably.

We opened with a mini rally, loading the bases and scoring a run the top of the first. I took the field at first base, making a few catches, including a deep stretch in the 2nd for an out. I was feeling good.

The team struggled, giving up some hits and going down a bunch of runs. Mindful of the fact I’ll miss some games, I switched to right to get someone else on first for a bit. I’m out there for 1 out, 4-5 batters, and the catcher throws back to first after a pitch. I could see a bad throw in the dirt, so I start running towards first from right. The ball gets through and I’m coming up on it. As the runner takes off (relatively a take off at 50+ years old) I think I can get him at second. I’m slowing to the ball and feel my left hamstring pull. Not a pop, but a painful pull.

I can’t quite bend to the ball, so I stop, lean over, watching the runner and pick up the ball. Not hurrying now, just trying to be sure he doesn’t head for third. I start back to my position, but our coach decides to pull the pitcher and give me a rest since I tend to play all the time.

I limp in, stretch, walk around for a few innings, decline to bat and change out of the uniform. It’s tight, it’s stiffening and anything past a slow walk is painful. I take a few light swings and I can swing with the left elbow, but as I turn, 3/4 of the way into the swing and push off the left leg, it hurts.

I’m done. In fact, I’m probably done doing much of anything for a week at least, maybe longer. I’m glad we don’t play for 13 days, as I need to heal.

I put ice on it for the long drive home and then lay in bed with Tia and an ice pack for awhile. She’s got a cold, my leg aches. Ice on and off, including my ice machine, which was nice.

Photo May 17, 3 04 42 PM

It still hurt last night, but better. I tried to move slow and not work. Still managed 7000 steps for the day, though most of that was before 10am.

Going to try some rubs and some ice again today. Sleeping wasn’t bad, but it reminds me with a slight nagging pain as I move around that I’m old and hurt.

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