Thursday, December 26, 2013

What I learned from the Fitbit Flex

I’m lazy.

I kicked it into sleep mode last night from my phone and turned it off this morning. Total time: 9h 47m.

I think that’s accurate as I was tired after an early morning and a long day on the mountain and with family. However the fact that I was sleeping for nearly 10 hours wasn’t what I wanted to see.


Less restless than I thought, and I was only up one to use the bathroom (5:30am), which is good. Overall, I felt rested, I slept well, and this confirmed it.

Interesting data, and I’m looking forward to seeing it the rest of the year. I tried logging food, and I’ll track some calories. I also logged 8350 steps (almost 4mi) and 2k calories. I had 88oz of water.

A good day overall.

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