Saturday, December 28, 2013

Chores and Wind

It was a slow day. A shopping trip to start off the day as Tia wanted to cook a prime rib tonight. She had me buy 12lbs of rib, at $97, which seemed like a lot to me. However she really wanted to, so I grabbed it along with a few other things.

When I got home, I decided to get a few things done. It was a nice day, not quite t-shirt weather, but close. I started by getting the feeder finished by making more wire ropes. It went pretty well, and I was getting warm in the sunshine. As I needed other parts, I also managed to drill out a couple more holes for my snowboard rack and mount a couple of the pen blanks I want to turn. All in all, a productive afternoon.

Until I got ready to put the other ropes on a feeder. I’d thought there was one in the field that didn’t have bars, but when I walked out there, I didn’t see one. I got some walking in, but the wind kicked up, clouds rolled over, and it looked cold. The dogs needed to go out, so I gave up on projects and took them on a 2.5mi walk. Cold, and windy, but we made it.

When I got back, I showered, was pleased to see I’d crossed 10k steps, and then took Kendall to the mall. Her Surface was acting up, and the Microsoft store couldn’t do anything, so they ended up replacing her hardware with a new one. It appears to work, so she’s happy.

All in all, a good day.

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