Monday, December 16, 2013


A new wood project, among a few others, is to finally get a place to store skis/snowboards and some sports stuff. I came up with the plan last year, but didn't execute on it well for awhile. I've slowly been working on cutting the wood, but since it's a bunch of setup, I've been slow to get through it.

I'd worked on it a few weeks ago, but when I made a mistake on cutting, I stopped as I wasn't paying attention. The wood has been sitting there mocking me, and the dado blades were on the saw, which prevented me from making another change last week.With Delaney doing homework yesterday, Tia working, and Kendall sick, I went ahead and got more cuts done.

I did manage to get the dados on the sides to hold a shelf. I wanted some support beyond screws, and the cuts were tricky to figure out since I'm cutting specific sides in specific places. I managed to get them done, with only one mistake that doesn't much matter.

With the sides finally cut (the top and bottom were done), I decided to start assembling it. With some glue, I got the middle and side attached. It was easy and made me feel like the project was going forward.

Today I'll attach the other side, which will give me an "H" for the middle. Once that's done, I'll then get the bottom and top attached and cut the shelves, which will be easy. Once that's in place, I can work on wheels for the bottom, and some supports for the snowboards.

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