Monday, December 30, 2013


Last night Kendall and I went to play volleyball at the rec center. Tia’s legs were hurt, so it was just two of us. I told Kendall I wanted to play a bit and not just drill. I like the drills, but I wanted to hit the ball some. We warmed up, the two of us practicing some stuff and then when a game started to form, we got going. It was 5 on 4 to start, and a mix of kids and adults that went well. We passed, set, hit the ball and Kendall looked good.

After about 15-20 minutes, a couple families walked over with a few girls Kendall’s age. They were watching, and no one made any offers to let them play. We typically don’t track points, which I think is a problem because it doesn’t let anyone rotate in. After a few minutes of them watching, I asked one of them if she wanted to take my spot and let her slide in there. I watched a bit, hoping someone else would take a hint and rotate some people in. They didn’t and after about 10 minutes, I went to get some water.

On the other court, adults were playing and they were ending a game, There wasn’t a group of 6 waiting, so I slid in there for a game of my own. I set the first game, with another girl switching off on the 6-2, but apparently I didn’t well and they replaced me after we won and stayed on. However I did have a block and a hit.

I played with the same group (mostly) for 6 games, going 5-1, taking breaks after two games on. It was a good rotation and lots of fun. I had some good hits and bumps, but missed a few as well. However it was hard on my knee and it was aching by the end. I definitely shouldn’t have jumped as much as I did.

In any case, it was fun, and about the time I was done, Kendall finished her games and we left, stopping to grab some dinner on the way home. A fun night.

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