Friday, December 13, 2013

Cold and a loss

It wasn’t just me moving slow last night. Apparently the entire Broncos team was struggling. A neighbor invited me to the game last night, and I met her at 4:30 to bus up. An accident and rush hour combined to take us 90 minutes to get to the stadium, which foreshadowed things. We were moving slow the entire way there, and after the first series, the Broncos were moving slow as well.

We were in the South stands, my first time there, and the hardcore fans were out. This is the pre-game view, just below the video screen

Photo Dec 12, 6 19 08 PM


The Broncos were backed up quite a few times, but really not that many as the offense rarely touched the ball. When they did, way too many short drives.

Photo Dec 12, 7 32 26 PM

The defense, on the other hand, had long drives, allowing San Diego to march down quite a few times. Even when they didn’t score, they ate up lots of clock. I do have to admit that Rivers made a few amazing throws to receivers that I’d like to see from the broadcast to save drives.

There were also a couple 12 men penalties on Denver, which is amazing, a couple neutral zone infractions, and a couple PI calls. Not horrible calls, but they made the game drag in the cold and the Broncos ended up losing.

All in all I had fun, and it’s neat to see a game live, but I have to say that if I had my choice, I prefer the broadcast. I’d like to control more cameras and see the wider action, but the game moves so fast in person it’s hard to follow. It’s cold and cramped, and I can’t get a drink without missing something. I can’t hit the restroom easily, and it’s a lot of time in traveling to and from. Overall, I like getting to a few games, but I prefer most at home.

Still, a good night, and a nice time with our neighbor who I enjoyed some chats with.

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