Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Monopoly Revenge

We played Monopoly in the mountains over Thanksgiving and the girls killed the boys. They drove us into bankruptcy, but last night was revenge.

A quiet night and we played dominos. It started out rough with Kendall winning a few early, but she managed to get stuck a few times after that and went ahead. Delaney and Tia were both close, until Tia got stuck with the double-zeros for a 50pt penalty, and that was it.

We managed to get through all 13 rounds, with Delaney winning easily and me in a somewhat distant second. However I went out early 5 times, as did Delaney, which was unusual. I tend to be the big loser, getting stuck with lots of points, even when I don't have many tiles.

Lots of laughs and fun.

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