Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Back Home

A long journey yesterday. I was up early, hitting the gym for a little workout before getting Kendall up and packed. We were slightly worried about travel with the snow in DC, but we shouldn't have been. An easy trip down, just over an hour and we were in the terminal 90 minutes early.

From there things fell apart a bit. Kendall had gotten a bunch of clothes, so we needed to check a bag. We did, and like an idiot, I walked away without checking mine, meaning we still had 4 bags to carry. I went back and checked mine, which slowed us a touch, but not a lot.

Then we got a message that our flight was delayed 35 minute on the departure and 20 on the arrival because of "Air traffic control". Not sure what that means, but we grabbed lunch, hung at the gate, and boarded easily. Once again I was in the middle with Kendall in the window. We'll have to stop that from now on as on both of these trips I had a large man next to me, which crunched my shoulders, forcing me to turn a bit and making my back and shoulders ache. In this case, it was a big fat guy whose arms, shoulders, legs, etc spilled into my seat. On top of that, it seems like Economy Plus wasn't as big as normal on this plane.

In any case, we were slow to board and leave, then had to de-ice, which was really slow. On top of the 35 minute late board, it was an easy 30-45 minutes to de-ice and get into the air. The flight was easy, but long, with us landing at 3:40pm, over an hour later than expected. Various announcements about delays and connections were basically "we have no idea".  How can they not get information transmitted in flight these days? Crazy.

The landing was slow, and annoying, and had me worried about getting to volleyball. As it was, we got out and to the baggage claim and waited 10-15 minutes. Our bags were the first 3-4 out, but it was stressful. We arrived at volleyball 2 minutes late, plus Kendall had to change.

All in all, it was a long day. About 15 minutes of training and 2 hours of volleyball for Kendall. She was slow and rusty, but did OK. I was tired, and worn out by the time we got home after 8.

A good trip, but a long day. Now I have today to recover.

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