Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fitness in 2013

I got a summary from MapMyRun, even though it’s not the end of the year. I still had yoga to log today Winking smile

In any case, here’s what I found:

  • 316 workouts
  • 38,857 miles
  • 320 hours
  • 161kcal burned

Not sure how accurate this is, but the workouts sounds right. I definitely missed a lot of days in 2013, mostly because of time and not being overly concerned about the “every day” thing.

However, that’s not bad, and at least I’m better than every other day.

In 2013, I’d like to get the workout number to be 345+, ideally taking no more than 1 day off a month. Now that I’ve expanded to a bunch of exercise items, I should be able to do it. The plan in 2013 is:

  • swim - 1x/week at a minimum
  • row – 1x/week at a minimum, but likely 2
  • walk - 3-4 times a week. the dogs need this as much as me.
  • yoga – 1x/week – I love it, and my schedule should allow this.
  • Weights – 1x/week

I still have baseball, snowboarding, (hopefully) running, perhaps Pilates, and hopefully volleyball as well to fit into my year.

I certainly am looking to lose some weight and pay more attention in 2013. My weight ballooned up from about 220 at the start to 230 at the end. I’ve been making a conscious effort the last few weeks to pay attention and do something about that.

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