Sunday, December 22, 2013


A light volleyball workout tonight. We went to the gym, and both courts were packed with 6 on 6 games. So Tia, Kendall, and I bumped the ball around a bit, working on some passing and setting. Kendall did a little hitting as well, with me setting things for her.

Finally the courts cleared up and we did some serving, and then a little 1 on 1 inside the 10 foot line, laughing a bit at each other. Plenty of fun, and a light sweat.

The left shoulder felt funny, and stiff, almost like it wasn't rotating right. I hit a few, and then stopped. The left elbow tendonitis is also flaring up a bit, so I need to put the sleeve back on it when I'm using it.

Overall, I realized I miss volleyball, I can play a bit, but I need to stay controlled.

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