Friday, December 6, 2013


Back in DC, or more specifically, Bethesda. An easy flight over, though not comfortable with what felt like cramped Economy Plus (how did they make it less wide) and guy next to me with wide shoulders. Fortunately Kendall had the window, so I could lean from the middle over to her side slightly.

It was nice to be able to listen to music un-interrupted throughout the flight, and read on the iPad from board to de-plane. I could get used to that, and I think the flight attendants already have. They didn't even do much of a landing check, leaving my seat reclined slightly and not noticing. I suspect that airplane flights will be inconsistent and somewhat slack from here on out as headphones remain in people's ears.

We arrived late, and were slow to get out of Dulles and slow to get a car. We hit the hotel around 10:30, and most kitchens were closed. Fortunately we found a bar a couple blocks down that we walked to and had a late night burger. I really didn't think about the dinner portion of our trip, but Kendall didn't complain.

It was hard to get up this morning, and I struggled to get up at 7 to work out, but I felt better afterwards. Need to remember that tomorrow. I let Kendall sleep in until 8:30 when we met my Mom for breakfast.

Now Kendall has a grandma day, shopping and stuff while I work a bit and speak. Looking like a good trip so far.

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