Sunday, December 22, 2013

Book #75 - Foreign Deceit

I grabbed this book before Thanksgiving, with good reviews. However Foreign Deceit was disappointing as I read it. The characters were shallow, and felt contrived a bit.

A cop in Colorado investigates an apparent accident; a kid falling off a cliff. However at the top of the mountain, another officer, jealous and competing for the Sheriff's job, tries to kill him. They get in a fight and he goes home. There he finds his brother committed suicide in Italy and plans to go.

Once he's there, it's a simple, somewhat contrived, moving-too-fast story that has his brother part of a murder/drug/larceny ring. It didn't seem real, and wasn't that great writing. Surprised there were good reviews and multiple books from this author. It makes me think I could do this.

Not recommended.

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