Monday, December 2, 2013

On pace for a great run

I was wondering how the Broncos would respond after a disappointing loss in NE. It was a poor ending to a game, with a couple mental mistakes that gave the game away to NE. Neither team beat the other, which was an improvement over the way it’s gone the last few years. I’m hopeful for the playoffs.

However with KC losing 2 in a row, wanting revenge on Denver, and playing at home, I was thinking they might come out strong. They did, but the Broncos responded, played better defense over the game (not something I’ve been used to in Denver) and almost ran away with the game. A little disconcerting was the lack of offense near the end of the fourth, but not too much.

Lots of injuries, but hopefully they’ll play out 4 relatively easy games strong. I’m still hopeful to see Manning end up with 52-56 TDs for the year and 5200-5600 yards.

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