Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Young Scout

Tonight was Delaney’s scout meeting and he went, in full uniform, and got to learn a bit about what he needs to do for camping with the Scouts. I wasn’t in the room with him, so I have to take his word for the supplies he needs. Also time to dig through Kyle’s old Scout stuff and see what’s still around. I still remember Kyle crossing over and getting going in Boy Scouts. An exciting time, and I’m a little sorry he didn’t stick with it longer.

Delaney also had the chance to do some service work the next two Saturdays. Since those projects were hard to come by, I asked him if he wanted to do it. One was an Eagle project for a boy, and Delaney said he definitely wanted to do that one. We found out tonight that his 8 hours of work for the Citizenship in the Community involves him working for one charity, so we need to do both this Sat and the next.

He walked around after the meeting and got his blue card and book for the badge himself. He’d asked me to do it during the meeting when he was busy, but I said he had to do it, and so he did after the meeting. Nice to see him getting moving on his Eagle.

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