Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cross the T

I went to karate tonight, thinking with snow coming that we might miss tomorrow and wanting Delaney to get a bit more practice. My plan was to take it easy with the wrist and not injure it. I ended up witnessing someone else getting injured, the worst one we've had in karate since I started.

My normal partner, who was working with someone else since I was taking it a little easy, went to kick low and must have caught his second to last toe on the guys gi or maybe pad. We started limping and we looked over. The toe was bent sideways, crossing the pinky toe at almost a right angle. Not sure if it was dislocated or broken, but someone ended up driving him to the hospital to let them look at it.

It happens. It's one of those things, and it's possible that he didn't have his toes pointed, but maybe not. I'm glad it wasn't my fault.

I actually took it easy, not hitting pads at all, just doing the motion. My partner was pretty good about not beating me up as well. It felt about the same at the end, but I still iced it down in bed tonight.

How far do you push through injury? I'm not sure, but you should push. As long as you're not making things worse, I think you keep going. At least if you're a pushy person and driven. If you want to take care of your body, you have to keep pushing it, which often means dealing with pain. I've had a sore left elbow, maybe some low tendonitis on it for 2 weeks, a pulled and tight right hamstring for a couple weeks as well, and now a sprained wrist.

I've avoided lifting, but I'm still running, and I played baseball. Planning on playing this Sunday again. My thought is that I'm going to have a sore wrist for 6 weeks before it heals. That's if I do nothing with it. Likely that with some playing baseball, it will extend out to 10-12 weeks, but that's the price I'll pay since I don't want to stop and I don't think I'm making it worse. It's just healing slower.

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