Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dog #4

No, we haven't gotten another dog, at least not a permanent one. Somehow, sometime over the last month, Kendall's switched from horses to dogs. She now talks dogs, reads about dogs, wants to train the dogs, etc. She even pretends to be a dog. I thought we were done with that as she grew up since her days of being a horse were quite annoying. However they're back.

Today she showed me this:

These are her dog names for different days of the week. Apparently some days she's my dog, other days she's Tia's. The names vary a bit, but last night when we got home from Outback, she told me that she was my dog and that I couldn't tell Kendall to get into bed, I had to tell "spudnick."

One one hand it's pretty cute, on the other it's annoying when you're trying to get a little girl to do something and she wants to pretend she's a dog.

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