Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm definitely glad that I didn't lift today. I've avoided doing any weights, not wanting to make my wrist worse. It was feeling better, but I think I had a bit too much activity today.

I had to take Khali to the doctor for more pills (she has a urinary infection) and another Adequan shot. This is 3 in 3 weeks and she was looking better, but not today. She rode around with me on a few errands, but at the vet, she wasn't happy. I'd forgotten a leash, and she was pulling on my constantly to try and leave. Not pulling hard, but a constant pressure on the choker chain.

Normally not a big deal, but it was wrapped in my right hand part of the time, so she was straining my wrist.

Between that and lugging some packages around to mail, my wrist felt sore when we got home. I could feel it carrying the laptop two handed, so I wrapped it in ice as I try to finish work.

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