Monday, March 30, 2009

Cold, but not too windy

Coming back from karate, it was getting late, I needed to get kids to bed, and I was slightly dreading feeding horses. It's cold and my normal plan is to get Kendall in bed and then go feed. That didn't sound fun tonight.

As we came up the driveway, the trees weren't blowing too much and I rolled down the truck window. It didn't seem to bad, so I told the kids we'd drive to the barn to feed real quick. At least as quick as I could get 3 bales outside.

I went in and loaded up one, intending to take 2 to the west buckets, but there weren't two ready. So I had to climb up on top of the tack room and drag more over and drop them in our middle stall. Not my favorite job, I'm always worried about stepping between bales and pulling something.

I tried to toss 3 or 4 over, but that was bugging my wrist, so I ended up dragging them and dropping them. Then down the ladder, load up the 2nd, walk outside and get them into  buckets. A pain as Nina wants to pull the hay off right away and gets in my way. She knocked the bale off once before I could shoo her away.

Then back to the barn, load up one more bale and drop on the South before letting the caged horses loose. I didn't bother to see how much manure was in the stalls. I'll deal with it tomorrow.

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