Sunday, March 29, 2009


I was killing time this morning and got in the mood to cook. So I wandered over to Christy Cooks, the site run by the wife of a friend. I was looking for soup, found the Chicken Caccitore Stoup, and decided to make that. Since I was thinking that I'd make something yummy for the kids and found a recipe for Smore Pops.

Kendall and I went to the store and bought ingredients and lollipop sticks, and then I started assembling them when I got home. I skipped refridgerating the cream cheese/graham cracker mix, which was a mistake. Once I got chocolate on them and tried to stand some up, a few fell apart.

However they were a hit, and the kids enjoyed them. We ended up with steak for dinner, a request from Kendall, so the chicken is off until tomorrow night.

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