Monday, March 30, 2009

Word Games

Kendall and I went to Noodles and Company after we dropped off Delaney for a little dinner. She had asked nicely, a rarity, and I like to encourage that behavior.

We ordered and sat down and she asked if we would play a game. She had a word game she wanted to play and explained the rules to me. One person says "I have a synonym and " then you give a word. So she gave me "simple" and I said "east," which apparently was right. We went through 2-3 iterations of this before she was done.

I picked up the Kindle, then put it down when Kendall told me I had to pick a card. Apparently we were playing some version of "go fish" where we had imaginary cards and had to guess each other's cards. We had give and I couldn't apparently guess hers.

Then she told me you could "cheat" once each game. You could say it wasn't the correct guess when it was. I told her if we could each do it once, why not just play fiar. She agreed I was right, but then decided we could stop playing.

Always interesting with that girl

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