Monday, March 30, 2009

Tiger is the Man

Tiger won at Bay Hill again, and actually had me interested in golf a bit. I wasn’t sure when people said last year that he has a big effect, but I did watch the last 6-7 holes of the US Open last year because of him, and he’s my “yardstick” check every week. If it’s in contention, I pay attention. There are also more stories, it seems to me, if he is, but I’d have to pay more attention to be sure.

When he was in fifth Sat morning, I didn’t think he’s get close. Like 8 shots back, but when I saw he was in 2nd Sat night, I was surprised. 5 shots back, however, and I didn’t think he’d win.

However last night, after getting everyone ready for bed, I had to check, and sure enough, he had come back to win it.

He’s exciting, and I’m not sure why. I think for me, his minority status, more than the dominating performances, get me excited.

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