Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dog Park

We haven’t gone in a long time, and everyone wanted to go, so we packed up 2 cars, 3, kids, 3 dogs, and went to the Cherry Creek dog park. Delaney was a little upset, but we brought his bike, and he seemed to have a good time.

It was a beautiful day, sunny, not very windy, and lots of people out walking dogs. We let the pound puppies run wild, and Delaney circled us on his bike. I thought about running, but I’d left my Nike Plus at home, and there was enough chaos, so I didn’t want to leave Tia out there with no help.

So I walked along, the dogs ran and swam a bit. Kendall had a good time throwing the tennis ball for Deuce, and he got very wet. We got to a place where there was deep water, and we threw the ball in there, but Deuce got scared when his couldn’t touch bottom and wouldn’t go get it. Luckily another dog grabbed it at one point.

Kahli wasn’t that well behaved. We had her off the leash a bit, but she growled at so many dogs and even started to attack a dog that sniffed her, we put her back on. She was a little nervous with all the dogs and people, and I’m glad we kept her close.

A nice sunny afternoon, with some good pictures.

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