Monday, March 30, 2009

The CEO Reaction

Some interesting reactions from other CEOs to GM's CEO being forced out by the government. I think there are some good CEOs out there that take responsibility for their companies. And they are likely the ones not troubled by this. I think some of the ones that think this is a bad idea have the lottery mentality and don't like seeing one of their own ousted.

Those are gross generalizations and I'm sure there are opinions all over the board, regardless of how the CEO runs their own company.

A CEO should not be some super position that is way out of line with everyone else. All compensations and responsibilities should increase as you move through positions, but the jump from COO or VP to CEO shouldn't result in some lottery winnings. Just like moving from a director to a VP or CIO shouldn't be a lottery.

That kind of power and jump creates a problem in how you view your job. You'll do what it takes to get there, and what it takes to stay there, regardless of the impact on the company and others.

Not everyone, but enough that the system breaks down. We need a little more leveling between workers and management, which should help make all our morals a little closer to each other.

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