Saturday, March 28, 2009

Monsters V Aliens

We went out to watch Monsters V Aliens last night. Since we cancelled the ski trip, the kids were excited to go. After some sledding, I got out the tractor for the first time this winter and plowed down the driveway. Not a lot of snow, but a few sections of drifts that would have given us trouble.

Tia fed horse, and then we all headed out to dinner, grabbed Kyle's glasses from the optometrist, and then the movie. The little ones were excited to go to a 3D movie, and maybe Tia and Kyle as well. The glasses are annoying to me and the whole process gives me a slight headache, so I wasn't expecting much.

I was disappointed. The 3D was actually pretty good. The movie was funny, with some good adult jokes in there as well. Not quite "Kung Fu Panda" or "Bolt" funny, but entertaining. The whole audience, which was pretty full, laughed out loud a few times. The 3D was mixed in well, without an effort made to show off things, it was just part of the movie, and I can see where this will be more commonplace at some point.

A good family night, the kids went right to bed, and so did I. I then got up 3 or 4 times at night because something I ate didn't agree with me and I had my stomach cramping all night, actually waking me up. Better now, and getting ready for Delaney's red belt test.

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