Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

I was tired, but everyone wanted to go. I pounded out a run, then we drove over with neighbors to another neighborhood and let the kids walk around. I was amazed how well a few people had decorated houses and the kids had fun. 3 girls running ahead and Delaney walking behind them. Kendall had her glittery soldier costume again and Delaney was camo'd out. With a gas mask he borrowed from a friend, he was quite the soldier.

One house had people dressed up like Star Wars characters carrying light sabers in the driveway, a storm troop costume that was playing clips when kids walked up and a huge Death Star meditation chamber with Darth Vader in the garage. Obviously too much time on their hand, but people enjoyed it. The kids were nervous walking up there and actually paused, afraid to get to close until one of the characters motioned them forward, then they thought it was great.

A nice, fairly warm, calm night of fun for the kids.

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